Saturday, August 14, 2010

Light vs. Dark Test results (RESULTS ADDED)

EDIT: Well, fuck. My camera just does not want to upload the pictures of that night while Tall Dark and Slender is around, so it looks like you will have to do with my boring scientific crib notes. I'll try and set the scene as accurately as I possibly can for you, so you understand exactly what my experiment was like.

First off, I want to discourage you all from doing anything I do on this blog except in practice. If I give you a test result like "Slenderman likes light" and tell you to stay out of the light, just plain stay out of the light. No need to go through what I put myself through to prove to yourself that it works. Because let me tell you, what I did was really stupid.

There's my disclaimer. Now, onto my notes. I took these an hour after my experiment, so pardon if they are a bit...'shaky'.

-Hypothesis: The Slenderman will favor dark conditions to light ones due to low visibility for prey.
-Conclusion: The hypothesis was incorrect. Slenderman favors light. possibly due to connecion[sic] to society?

-Supplies included ten wax candles, $2 each, and one lamp for 15$ from a pawn shop.

-Each of these was placed strategically within an abandoned building, seperate rooms for both candles and the lamp. operator symbol(X) drawn over windows of building for initial protection, effects began wearing off after only one night. The lamp was placed in one room, while the ten candles were split in half between two other rooms. Another room remained dark, and the hallway itself had no power thus alsa[sic] remained dark.

-Strategic observance point: crawl space within the hallway just to the left of Dark Room(DR)

Now, my notes get a little fuzzy after that, so let me just relate to you what happened next:

I had my experiment all set up, and my Operator symbols were just starting to wear off. As i mentioned in my notes, I've noticed they start to lose their effect on Him after only about one night. So after one evening, he drew closer to te house and I could tell he was planning on coming in. What I did next was very stupid, I know.

I let him in.

You may call me a fool, but that night that the (X) symbol started to lose its effect, I let Slenderman into the building I had chosen for my experiment. I didn't actually watch him come in, but he must have sensed somehow that I was not planning on running or keeping him out of the building.

Approximately one hour later, I had my candles lit and my lamp turned on, and a very tall friend mulling around my hallways. Needless to say, it was not a fun moment. I hid in each room at least twice, checking closets and corners for Him to make sure I hadn't missed him. Then I led him down the hallway into a seperate room, shut the door, and dove into my crawl space before he had time to get out and find me again.(Personally, I think this plays into M's theory that the SLenderman is ignorant or 'stupid' in a way; he fell for it, every time.)

I repeated that final part five times to make sure I got it right, before I tried bailing on the experiment and fleeing the building. I did not make it out, and that terrifies me. The last memory I have in the building is opening the front door and fidning him standing right there, tentacles out-stretched and everything. Let me tell you...I thought I was fuckin' dead. Luckily, I only got 'moved' as M calls it, and wound up waking up outside in the grass about two miles away. That's a far-ass jump, which scares me even more. But I go tmoving and I've been on the run the last week or so, which is why there's been silence on my end fo ra while.

The results of my experiment?

I foundthat roughly 65% of the time, Slenderman chose to occupy the lit rooms over the dark rooms in his search for me, whether or not I was there or not. The other 35% of the time he either stood in the hall without moving, or chose the dark rooms instead. Additionally, 4 out of the 5 times I watched him in the hall, he chose to enter a lit room instead of a dark room. This was not as I originally theorized, because I assumed he would pick dark roomsfor the fact that his prey would have lower visibility.

I suspect that He may be drawn to man-made light due to its obvious indication of society...i.e.- man-made light exists where there He connects lights with us, and thinks that we will always actively seek out the light for shelter and protection. Not to mention, there ar elights everywhere in ou rculture; lamps, TVs, street-lights. etc.

My advice? Stay in the dakr when you can. The day-tim eis fine because that's natural and not man-made, but if you sleep in a motel room or go inside anywhere, KEEP THE LIGHTS OFF if you can help it.

I don't know if this will work for everyone. But it applied to me and I hope it'll help you guys out, too.

God, I'm dead tired. Getting touched by Slenderman and moved? Most painful thing in the world...

Peace out, everyone. Until next time.

I'm having a little trouble with my camera and setting up the pictures that I took in a reasonable time-frame, so bare with me. Boy, do I have a story to tell you guys. I'd just liek to go on record as saying that, after reviewing all my evidence, I can tell you he seems to like (man-made) light over dark, empty spaces.

I'll edit this post when I've fiigured out my problems. Peace out for now.


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  1. God damn, you never cease to make me sit down and rethink things...