Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day/Night Test Findings

Alright, alright...I'm alive, I promise. And as such, I should post those experiment results, right?

Alright. So, on my walk out of town, it soon became clear that the whole thing was a very bad idea. After a only one day, he caught up with me and was most definitely on my trail. While this is what I wanted to some extent, I hadn't counted on how close he would get or how fast he would close the gap between us.

My original plan was to head to some small town and load up on supplies, but I ended up detouring to Denver because it is a big city where I can easily confuse Slenderman and get him lost. I needed to get him off of my tail. So I went roof-jumping and, well. I'm not very good at it, haha.

Long story short, I fell off of a four stoy building and onto one of those sets of metals fire-escape stairs. My face is pretty banged up right now, I'll try to get pictures if I can.

But that is, really, besides the point. The results of my experiment seem to indicate that Slenderman has no preference for day or night, whatsoever. I saw him just as often during the day as I did during the night, although it's entirely possible I missed him a few times during night-time hours. I'm not sure on that, needs further study. I have two theories on why the results ended up the way they did, though.

I imagine that since he's dreamt up by us as being a stalker creature, he really has no preference for either day or night for this exact reason. A lot of the old pictures show him during the day, and it's the 'opposite of what you'd expect' syndrome sort of thing. You know the whole 'he haunts you even when you think it's safe' thing.

Which means, basically, he hunts at night for the flip side of that; night-time is when our fears come alive.

I'm not sure how effective or interesting this test was, but I sure got my ass handed to me for the results. I hope you're happy, fellow stalked people. I'm going to be laying low in Denver for a couple of days, so I've got time for emails if anyone wants to. I'm going to look for soem more suitable bandages for my face, though. This shirt I stole and ripped apart hurts like a bitch haha

Now, on that note, I'll be leaving this post here and clicking submit. I'll probably pot something tomorrow, to update you a little bit on my...'story'...I guess. How I came to be stalked and all that. :/

Peace, keep safe

Oh and NEXT TEST: Experimenting with LIGHTS! >:D

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  1. I seem to remember a few old experiments in 2011, though this pre dates that by a bit. This was probably groundbreaking at the time.